Print Serials

Print Serials Unit

Serials staff liaise with vendors/publishers, selectors/budget managers, and library staff about serial subscriptions and serve as main contact for serial acquisitions issues encountered at library branches.

Grand Reading Room

Our primary responsibilities are the acquisition, management, reports, and documentation of:

  • Print and Print+Online Serial Subscriptions
    • Periodicals and Annuals
  • Standing Orders and Series
    • Annuals, Cataloged Separately, and Analytics

The Unit manages subscription records for serials and standing orders received through Gift & Exchange Programs and coordinates with library departments about title changes, receipt and distribution of microfilm and microfiche, and serial issues.

Serials Contacts

  •  – Contact the Accounting & Serials Unit in Acquisitions & Collections Services Department with questions about print and print+online serial subscriptions and standing orders, active / canceled subscriptions and standing orders, invoices, material delivery problems, vendor/publisher correspondence, etc.
  • – Contact the Electronic Resources Unit for problems related to online only and online component of print+online subscriptions.

Raimonda Margjoni

Contact Raimonda with questions about:
•Materials Budget
•Serials and standing orders policies and procedures
•Training and documentation
•Statistics and reports
•Serials projects
•Project management
•Login permissions on vendors’ websites

Mark Allender

Contact Mark with questions about:
•Print and print+online serials and standing orders management, invoices, and problem solving
•New orders and cancellations
•Title changes
•Acquisitions mail room (receiving & routing of materials)