Departmental Endowment Approval Stream Firm Order Requests

  • The form is currently set to send reminders every five days.  
  • If you are using split funds, please submit one form per fund.
  • Let us know if you need a fund added to the form.

Departmental Approval Stream Firm Order Request Form

This form is used by Departmental selectors to initiate an approval stream for an endowment purchase. It will be routed to the chair, associate dean, and accounting manager for signature. This will also act as a Firm Order Request Form for this purchase and will be routed to your Acquisitions liaison, April Helena, upon completion. Please contact her at with any questions. Thank you.

Completed Departmental Approval Stream Firm Order Request Forms

At this time, UF does not allow this type of form to show in your DocuSign inbox or notify you at each signature, but you will get a notification at the end if you choose the cc option on the initial page, and I will be adding the completed forms here: