Acquisitions & Collections Services


This page is meant to provide resources and tutorials for selectors at the University of Florida using Rialto.



• Rialto is integrated into Alma to automate the selection and acquisition workflow for both print and electronic titles.
• Rialto eliminates manual processes and the need to synchronize data in other systems.
• Data needed to make decisions is up to date and available at points of decision (ex. fund balances, holdings, etc.).
• Information is updated in real-time. No need to wait or come back to the system later.

Migrating a GOBI folder into a Rialto List

Already have items selected in a GOBI folder, and don’t want to waste time individually adding them to a list in Rialto? This PDF will walk you through exporting the contents of a GOBI folder and importing those contents into a Rialto list.

Setting Up Title Alerts

Create lists of titles for review according to parameters you set up. These can be run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with optional email notifications when new alerts are created.

*Source: go.proquest.com/pqrialto