Troubleshooting E-Resource Access Issues

Who do you contact, and when?

Submit a Grover ticket if you want to…

  • Report an access issue with e-resources in Primo and other discovery points.  Essentially, if you think we should have access to something and you’re hitting a dead link/paywall/error message, submit a Grover ticket.
  • Confirm coverage dates for an ejournal in order to determine if we should have access or not.
  • Request a change/addition/edit to the A-Z database list.

Email if you want to… 

  • Report excessive use violations
  • Request information on e-resources, such as:
    • Usage statistics
    • Cost data 
    • Title lists 
    • Price quotes
    • Trial setup
  • Request information found in a license agreement
  • Request that MARC records for subscription e-resource collections be added to the catalog

Contact Sheri directly if you… 

  • Have a question about e-resource functionality (“how do I use this thing?”). 
  • Have a suggestion for a new project. 
  • Want to discuss e-resource collections strategy. 
  • Have questions about pricing negotiations. 
  • Want to request that a new tool or feature be added to an existing resource.

When in doubt, contact Sheri directly at   

Helpful Details

  • What we request from you when you submit an e-resources access issue: 
    • Identifying information of the resource you’re trying to access.  That could be a title, ISSN, URL, citation, or a combination of these. 
    • Discovery point from which you are trying to access this resource.  This could be Primo, the A-Z database list, LibGuides, etc. 
    • Whether you are on or off campus. 
  • Expectations for responses from E-Resources: 
    • If you submit a ticket via Grover or er-help, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours at the most during normal weekday work hours (not evenings or weekends), though you’ll likely hear from us much sooner.   
    • If you call or email an individual directly during normal weekday work hours, we will try to send an acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours, but this will depend on our availability. 
    • Resolution time will be contextual and will vary from case to case.  If an issue takes an unusually lengthy amount of time to resolve (several weeks), we will send regular updates.  You can always ask us for updates on open cases. Additionally, as we work toward resolving an issue, you can request your resource using the UF Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.  Note that some materials, like e-books and streaming video, are not eligible for borrowing through ILL.
    • We do not respond to users directly once issues are resolved; we will ask you as the initial problem reporter to do so. 
    • Only use one method of contact, not a combination (phone call + Grover + email, etc.).  You can be confident that your message reaches friendly and professional humans in e-resources who will follow up in a timely manner. 
    • If you submit a Grover ticket or an email to, all staff in the E-resources Unit receive it. 
    • If you call, email, or speak to Unit staff directly about an access issue, we may ask you to submit a Grover ticket so that we can track and archive it accordingly. 
    • You can call Unit staff to report access issues when at a point of service with a user (at the reference desk, for example), but we may ask you to open a Grover ticket so we can investigate and track further.  We often cannot resolve issues quickly over the phone.