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Winter 2022
It's been really fun to get to share some of what we do in Acquisitions and Collections Services with you this past year, thanks for reading our newsletter! 
Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy, and peaceful 2023!
- April
New DiSCoveries for our Department

By Erin Gallagher
Our Department was honored to recently test drive the next phase of DiSC by participating in the DiSC Team Building Workshop.  Cynthia Digby and Juliana Rojas were welcoming and thoughtful hosts; they even asked for our snack preferences.  Our team gathered together in person for the workshop, one of the first times we were all in a room together since early 2020.  Juliana and Cynthia created a cozy and delightful space (stickers and stuffed birds!).  Though we reviewed our DiSC styles before the workshop, we weren’t sure what to expect for the next phase.  We started by reviewing the styles and our DiSC Group Culture Report.  The group report laid out the distribution of styles among our team across the four DiSC quadrants (dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness).  Unsurprisingly, for a crew of people passionate about accuracy and precision, we tend to cluster in the C style, though we have a diversity of styles and intersections throughout the team. 

Though Cynthia led and facilitated the session, she and Juliana provided ample opportunity for organic discussion.  We really got rolling when discussing what our styles indicate about the culture of our Department.  What are the behaviors we prize and reward in our group?  Where do we see gaps and where might we need to “reach” to meet each other?  How can our understanding of our styles improve group dynamics and communication?  These kinds of questions sparked a lot of thought and reflection (and some good-natured chuckles). 

I appreciated the emphasis on one style not being better or worse than others.  No one is made to feel inferior or superior.  I’m so glad to see the kind of diversity of styles represented among our team because I know this contributes to the rich collegiality and creative problem-solving we’re known for.  Since the workshop, I’ve heard how team members are applying what they learned to their daily interactions.  Some folks intend to dig deeper into the report with their individual Units.  I’m excited to see how a more nuanced understanding of our styles will create a stronger leadership team in the Department.  Personally, it warmed my heart to see our team come together in person again and enjoy each other’s company.  While the DiSC workshop itself promises real value, the unintended(?) benefit of building team culture simply by spending time together away from our desks is priceless.

What We're Excited About!
- Accounting and Serials Unit; Raimonda Margjoni (unit head), Michelle McClure, Verna Bedford, Laura Feder, and Mark Allender won the behind the scenes (group) library excellence award for transferring the library budget into ALMA, maintaining subscriptions and orders, and developing new tools for selectors and fund managers.
- Pauline Bickford Cline won the behind the scenes (individual) library excellence award for contributions to the usability testing of the new library website and overseeing analysis the transcripts of Ask-a-Librarian.
- Charleston Conference, with wide department participation this year.  Check out Erin Gallagher's slides for her presentation "Co-Pilots or Backseat Drivers?  Perspectives of Vendors & Library Workers on Vendor Services" here and Jason Heckathorn, Sheri Edwards, and Megan Daly's poster "E-book Usage in Classics, Philosophy, and Religion in Pre-pandemic vs. Pandemic Times" here.
- Verna Bedford rocked the Libraries' Homecoming float!
- UF Libraries will begin a new transformative agreement with IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics) in January 2023.  It will run until December 2025.  Through the new agreement, UF authors can publish open access articles in eligible IOP journals with no out-of-pocket costs.  
- UF Libraries have initiated a Supporting Library Membership with Punctum Books, an independent open access book publisher.  Punctum Books focuses on the humanities, social sciences, queer and gender studies, fine arts, architecture, and design.  Through this membership, authors are able to publish open access books with no out of pocket costs.
- We are particularly excited to share the launch of a new firm order fund:  Gaylord Endowment for AI Resources.  This fund is available to all selectors when firm ordering materials in support of artificial intelligence, including print books, ebooks, and DVDs.  This year is a pilot program; the fund will be available on a “first come, first served” basis and purchasing patterns this fiscal year will help us to strategize for next year.  Our goal is to grow our collection in support of AI in a cross-disciplinary manner.   
Down the Rabbit Hole
By April Helena
UF's George A Smathers Libraries hosted the Lewis Carroll Society of North America Fall 2022 Meeting November 4-6.  I had a lot of fun helping purchase about 60 books on behalf of Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature curator Ramona Caponegro, which became part of approximately 220 different books on display during parts of the event.  Special thanks to Michele Wilbanks for taking the time to point out highlights and unique parts of the collection, which was nicely arranged by publication date.  I was also able to bring my mom to the lovely tea party where we had a nice conversation with our new history librarian, Jennifer Hofer and my vintage 1950's dress I purchased when I used to work at an antique store got to escape from storage!
E-Resources Unit Resource Highlights
By Sheri Edwards

We’re pleased to highlight the following three e-resources this issue.  The links below will work, but you can also access these e-resources in Primo and via the A-Z database list.

  • EVGeoCloud (new on A-Z)

    A geospatial platform providing access to the following data sets: Botswana 1:50,000 scale topographic maps (geotiff); Botswana 1:50,000 scale vector data; Haiti 1:25,000 scale topographic maps (geotiff); LandScan population data (2000 - 2012); Natural Earth 1:10,000,000 scale vector data; South Africa 1:50,000 scale vector data; Zimbabwe 1:50,000 topographic maps (geotiff).

    Refinitiv Workspace (new)

    Gators! Register for a free personal account. Refinitiv Workspace for Students is Bloomberg Professional's top commercial competitor. Refinitiv combines Reuters worldwide news with real-time coverage of global financial markets including global pricing data, company fundamentals, investment research, commodities, currencies, fixed income, Lipper funds, Datastream, and more.

    Student Activism (open access)

    Captures the voices of students across the great range of protest, political actions, and equal-rights advocacy from the 20th and early 21st century United States.  Learn how previous generations advocated and protested!

It’s exciting to gain access to such rich, primary source collections and archives!

Fall Fest A Success!
By April Helena
This year's Fall Fest was a big success despite having to reschedule due to the hurricane!  I had a lot of fun designing the shirts for the 1980's theme and we ran out of all 800 shirts in record time.  We talked to a LOT of students about the libraries services!  We had so much help this year - thank you to all who volunteered!
Ask-A-Librarian Transcript Analysis Data

By Pauline Bickford Cline
Doug Kiker, Christy Shorey and I presented this year at the Charleston Library Conference. We are all members of the Assessment Advisory Committee, and our presentation was on our work with a subcommittee of the AAC, the Ask-A-Librarian Transcript Analysis Subcommittee. Our presentation was during the virtual conference week with a live Q&A component over Zoom.  

In the presentation, we discussed our analysis of an academic year’s worth of Ask-A-Librarian chat transcripts.  Beginning in September 2021, our subcommittee analyzed about 100 anonymized Ask-A transcripts per month, collected and de-identified by David Carnell. In some months, we analyzed more – for example, in January 2022 when the UFDC platform was updated. This project took place during a year of change at the Libraries, which included the library website migration, the ILS migration to Alma Primo VE, and the UFDC platform migration, as well as multiple other simultaneous web page redesign projects based on usability testing.  

We developed a list of common chat topics and barriers faced by patrons, which we used to code each response. We then rated each interaction using predetermined criteria and provided recommendations for improvement based on how the patron’s needs were met. Using this data, we developed large-scale recommendations to share with Assessment Librarian Laura Spears, Dean of Assessment Val Minson, Ask-A-Librarian coordinator Robin Fowler, and Library Technology Services. Based on our recommendations, changes are in the process of being made to the Ask-A-Librarian training program and resources as well as to the library website. Some of our recommendations included the reorganization of the study room web page and increased Ask-A staff training ahead of the fall semester on topics such as the VPN and best practices for a reference interview. The data we analyzed contained valuable information that helped improve library services and resources. The dataset and the Charleston presentation recording is available in UF’s institutional repository here.


Special thanks to Jason Heckathorn and John Jack 

Aggregator platforms are companies that license access to eBooks from multiple publishers, whereas publisher platforms are limited to e-books by that publisher.  In acquisitions, we use a combination of publisher platforms and aggregator platforms to build our e-book collection.  Considerations include purchase type (perpetual or subscription), the number of simultaneous users allowed, available formats for the e-books, the ability to print or download, mobile accessibility, editions, duplications, and cost per use.  Aggregators often offer more refined workflows and integration with ILS systems, as well as the ease and accessibility of having a single platform, but publishers are often more generous with the content on their own platforms.

Have a question submission for our next issue?  Email me and let me know! 

Get to know Collections Support Liaison, Sara Peden!
What is your favorite aspect of working in Acquisitions and Collections Services?
My coworkers! It's really great to work in an environment that is so inclusive, empathetic, and supportive. It truly feels like we all want each other to succeed.
What do you like doing in your spare time?
Reading, eating, sleeping, spending time with my family, watching movies/TV, or working in my yard or on craft projects.
Where would you like to visit?
The architectural landmarks of Spain (e.g. La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo)!
What is your favorite movie?
This is an impossible question, but I'll say "Alien."
Who is your inspiration?
My Grandfather (Papa).
"Music in Libraries: Just the Basics"
By April Helena
I liaise with the Architecture and Fine Arts library, which includes purchasing music scores.  Without a music background, I've had to really work to catch up with the terminology associated with the music world to make sure I purchase what the selector, professor, and student is asking for.  It is sometimes difficult to find the exact edition or version needed, especially if it is a rush order.  Thanks to Ann Lindell, my manager Jason Heckathorn, and others who worked to make this happen, I was able to attend a one day workshop hosted by the Southeast Chapter Music Library Association at Florida State University in Tallahassee on October 20!    We learned tools and helpful techniques, and had a great time discussing music acquisitions with people from all over the country.  Others from UF that attended were Jason Heckathorn, Kestrel Ward, and John Seay from AFA, and Sam Fraleigh and Sato Someya from Resource Descriptive Services, who catalog all of those complicated scores for us and attended cataloging scores workshops.  
what's entertaining us Dec
In the spirit of getting to know the people who comprise the Acquisitions & Collections Services Department, our staff are given the space to share a book, TV show, game, or album title that entertained them this quarter.

House of the Dragon

Created by Ryan J. Condal and George R.R. Martin

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker

The White Lotus

Created by Mike White

Star Wars: Andor

Created by Tony Gilroy

There Arose Such a Clatter: Tales from the Naughty List

By C.M. Nascosta

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West

By Dee Brown

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