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This page is meant to provide resources and tutorials for selectors at the University of Florida using Rialto.



• Rialto is integrated into Alma to automate the selection and acquisition workflow for both print and electronic titles.
• Rialto eliminates manual processes and the need to synchronize data in other systems.
• Data needed to make decisions is up to date and available at points of decision (ex. fund balances, holdings, etc.).
• Information is updated in real-time. No need to wait or come back to the system later.

First Steps

Click here if you have never selected in Rialto before.

Rialto Selecting

Please click the link below for documentation on selecting materials.

Migrating a GOBI folder into a Rialto List

Already have items selected in a GOBI folder, and don’t want to waste time individually adding them to a list in Rialto? This PDF will walk you through exporting the contents of a GOBI folder and importing those contents into a Rialto list.

Need Help?

Still have questions? Don’t worry, we can help!

*Source: go.proquest.com/pqrialto