Rialto Selecting


Click Market Search

Left panel “Market”
“Market Search”
To search the Market, enter your search in the search box or use the advance search.

Market Search


View All Offers

View All Offers
Click on Offer

View All Offers


Change Your View

If you would like a different view, click the symbol shown above to choose from list view, split view, or full page view.

Rialto Market View


Add to Cart

Add the selection to the cart

Add to Cart


Apply a Template

Work with your liaison to create Rialto Templates.

You may also view the documentation from ExLibris using the link below.


Send for Approval

Once you’ve applied the template or filled in the information manually, click “send for approval.”

Rialto Market

Cart Templates

You will likely see a bunch of templates come up; you can hide other selector’s templates by going into Market, Cart Templates, then toggle the ones you do not want to see off.  

Please contact your liaison if you would like assistance with a template.

HIde Cart Templates

Rialto Market

Order Rejections

If you get a notification for a cancellation and it says “Irrelevant,” the rejection reason is any reason except “Cost,” “Duplicate,” or “Canceled by requester.” We will let you know why it was cancelled via email.

  • Add “In stock” items only please!  Anything that is not will be cancelled.
  • Rialto Market In Stock
    • Please add notes for approver if relevant (e.g. “I’m intentionally ordering a duplicate copy”) in “Note to Approver”
    • Hold off on rushes for now, please submit these into the AcqOrder form 
    • You can put a notify, but might want to hold off until we get it straightened out.  It flags it as spam email right now, we are currently working on fixing this.  
    • “Owning Library” is always “Acquisitions, Smathers”
    • Orders in Rialto Market stay open for 60 days after we submit them. After 60 days, they are auto-cancelled and will have to be sourced through a different vendor.
    • Search facet settings are savable
    • Holdings sidebar may auto-collapse
    • “Not yet published” and “Out of print” are turned off by default for offers searches
    • Searching by ISBN yields only specific edition; ISBN searched via keyword yields every edition
    • If you do not see a fund come up, check to make sure there are funds available in Alma